Dorstenia zenkeri

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Body Rhizomatous, stem errect, 2-4 mm thick
Height 50-150 cm tall
Leaves Elliptic-oblong to lanceolate, broadest in or above the middle, narrowed below the middle, 4-18 x 1-6,5 cm
Flowers Solitary flowers, flower stem 1,5-8 cm long, densely puberulous,flower discoid to funnel shaped, 3-5 anglish, purplish, flower face up to 1,6 cm in diameter, large thin appendages up to 12 cm long, 3-5 per flower
Reproduction unknown
Area In Cameroun, Gabon and Zaire;
In forest;
At low altitudes
Taxonomical details D. zenkeri Engler, Monogr. Afr. Pfl. 1 (Moraceae): 14. 1898. D. laurentii De Wildeman (1905); D. laurentii var. brevipedicellata De Wildeman (197); D. mogandjensis De Wildeman (1908); D. solheidii De Wildeman (1909).

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