Dorstenia zanzibarica

Section Kosaria

Dorstenia zanzibarica
photo courtesy Mark Altenloh


Body Succulent, often pachycaul but not always. Errect or ascending, branched, at least with arrested branches but sometimes unbranched.
Height Up to 75 cm tall
Leaves Leaves in spirals, ofen crowded at the end of the stem. Oblong to subovate to lanceolate to elliptic, 2-21 x 1-6,5 cm. Leaves non succulent, papery and yellow when dry.
Flowers Flower stem 1-3 cm long. Often several flowers together but also found solitary. Triangular shaped but sometimes almost square with four points. Flowers up to 3 cm wide.
Reproduction Seed, plants seem self fertile.
Area In Kenya and Tanzania (also in Zanzibar?);
In forest and in succulent and deciduous woodland and thicket, on cliffs, on and among rocks, epiphytic, or in ground humus;
At altitudes up to 2400 m.
Taxonomical details D. zanzibarica Oliver, Icon. Pl. 16: tab. 1581 (1886). D. holtziana Engler (1914); D. valkensii Engler (1894).

Dorstenia zanzibarica, photo courtesy Mark Altenloh


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