Dorstenia urceolata

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Body Rhizomatous, stem 3-5 mm thick
Height Up to 25 cm tall
Leaves Elliptic to lanceolate, often tending to subovate
Flowers Whole flower, including flower stem red-brown, flower stem 6-15 cm long, flower cup-shaped, round to oval, flowering face 1,5-2,5 cm in diameter, fringe up to 2 mm broad
Reproduction Seed
Area In E Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and Paraná);
In moist and shaded places;
At low altitudes
Taxonomical details D. urceolata Schott, Flora 4(1): 197. 1821. D. caulescens Vellozo (1829), non Linnaeus (1753); D. caulescens var. angustifolia Fielding & Gardner (1843); D. caulescens var. latifolia Fielding & Gardner (1843); D. langsdorffiana Fischer & Meyer (1846); D. nervosa Desvaux (1826); D. nervosa var. angustifolia Desvaux (1826); D. nervosa fo. angustifolia (Desvaux) Miquel (1853); D. nervosa var. latifolia Desvaux (1826); D. nervosa fo. latifolia (Desvaux) Miquel (1853); D. urceolata var. angustifolia (Desvaux) Bureau (1873); D. urceolata var. latifolia (Desvaux) Bureau (1873); D. urceolata var. variegata Bureau (1873).

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