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Undetermined species

In this photo album are the undetermined species of which I have found pictures but have not got a name.

If you know the correct name of one of these species please fill in the feedback form and mention the number (#..) of the species so I can move the pictures to the correct page.


Flower of undetermined species #01

This species has small leaves, largest on my plant are 5 cm, which are very succulent, shiny dark green and up to 3 mm thick.

It has short succulent stems, flowers are solitary and the appendages are brownish and ca 1 cm long and 3 mm thick.

The caudex is brown and smooth. The stems are not seasonal.

I bought it as D. hildebrandtii var schlechteri, but this is not correct according to the details about this species in Ilicifolia 2, the Genus Dorstenia.



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