Dorstenia turnerifolia

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Subshrub or herb
Body Rhizomatous, stem sometimes branched, 2-3 mm thick
Height 50-140 cm tall
Leaves In spirals, (narrowly) lanceolate to oblong, 5-17 x 1-4 cm.
Flowers Solitary or often 2-3 together, in the leaf axils, leaf stem pale green, receptacle dark green and flowering face bright green with purple margins. Leaf stem 0,5-2,5 cm long. Flowering face 1-2,5 cm in diameter, distinct fringe of 1-1,5 mm broad. Appendages may occur but are no larger then 2 mm and ovate to triangular in shape.
Reproduction Seed
Area In E Brazil;
In shade or half-shade;
At low altitudes
Taxonomical details D. turnerifolia Fischer & Meyer, Index Sem. Hort. Petropolis 11: 63. 1846. D. argentata Hooker f. (1869).

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