Dorstenia socotrana

Section Acauloma

Dorstenia socotrana
photo courtesy Todd Masilko


Body Tuberous, tuber globose to ovoid, 0,5-1 cm in diameter
Height Seasonal stems up to 1,5 cm long
Leaves In spirals, cordiform to reniform, 0,8-2,5 x 0,8-2,8 cm. Succulent.
Flowers Solitary, flower stem 1-4 cm long, flower pale green to orange, orbicular, 0,3-0,5 cm in diameter. 3-8 appendages, linear, in one row, up to 0,5 cm long and tooth like.
Reproduction unknown
Area Socotra Island;
In woodland on seaward facing cliffs;
At ca. 150 m.
Taxonomical details D. socotrana A.G. Miller, Edinburgh J. Bot. 53: 145. 1996.

Dorstenia socotrana, photo courtesy Todd Masilko


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