Dorstenia psilurus var psilurus

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Body Ascending or errect, often but not densely branched, woody towards the base.
Height Up to 3 m tall
Leaves Leaves not crowded, green, elliptic to oblong, broadest in or above the  middle. Size 7-26 x 6-16 cm.
Flowers Flower stems 1-6 cm long, flowers solitary or in pairs, ovate to linear, 1,2-5,5 long and up to 0,5 cm wide. Two peduncles, upper one 2-10 cm long, lower one 0,3-3 cm long.
Reproduction unknown
Area In West and Central Africa;
In rain forest, also in secondary growth;
At altitudes up to 650 m.
Taxonomical details D. psilurus Welwitsch var. scabra. Bureau in De Candolle, Prodr. 17: 273. 1873. Ctenocladium mildbraedii (Engler) Airy Shaw (1965); Ctenocladus mildbraedii Engler (1921); D. gillettii De Wildeman (1901); D. klainei Pierre ex Heckel (1900); D. massonii Bureau (1886); D. psilurus var. (or fo.) subintegrifolia De Wildeman (1909); D. scabra (Bureau) Engler (1894); D. scabra var. denticulata Engler (1898); D. scabra var. longicaudata Engler (1914); D. scabra var. subintegrifolia (De Wildeman) Rendle (1916); D. tenuifolia Engler (1902).
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