Dorstenia psilurus var psilurus

Section Lomatophora

Dorstenia psilurus
photo courtesy Scamperdale


Body Underground tubers, ascending or errect, often but not densely branched, woody towards the base.
Height Up to 60 cm tall
Leaves Leaves crowded on top of the stem, green, elliptic to oblong, broadest in or above the  middle. Size 5-19 x 2-8 cm.
Flowers Flower stems 1-6 cm long, flowers solitary or in pairs, ovate to linear, 1,2-5,5 long and up to 0,5 cm wide. Two peduncles, upper one 2-10 cm long, lower one 0,3-3 cm long.
Reproduction unknown
Area From Cameroun to Sudan, southwards to Angola, Mozambique  and Zimbabwe;
In forest, along rivers in woodland, also in secondary growth;
At altitudes up to ca. 1500 m.
Taxonomical details D. psilurus Welwitsch var. psilurus. D. bicornis Schweinfurth (1871), by mistake as D. bicuspis Schweinfurt in Bureau (1895); D. lukafuensis De Wildeman (1902); D. psiluroides Engler (1911b); D. psiluroides fo. subintegra Engler (1911b); D. psilurus var. brevicaudata Rendle (1915); D. psilurus var. compacta De Wildeman (1907); D. stolzii Engler (1914).

Dorstenia psilurus, photo courtesy Scamperdale


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