Dorstenia Oligogyna

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Body stem 3-10 cm thick, base truncate to obtuse to cuneate to attenuate
Height up to 2,5 m tall
Leaves in spirals, long, up to 50 cm by 16 cm
Flowers Solitary, in pairs or a few together. Stem 0,8-1,4 cm, diameter of flower 0,4-0,8 cm, no appendages.
Reproduction Seed in a frutescens, ca 1 cm diameter
Area In Gabon (region of the Ngounyé River);
In rain forest;
At low altitudes
Taxonomical details D. Oligogyna (Pellegrin) C.C. Berg, Adansonia, Sér. 2, 16: 422. 1977. Craterogyne oligogyna (Pellegrin) Lanjouw (1935); Trymatococcus oligogyna Pellegrin (1929).

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