Dorstenia mannii var mannii

Section Lomatophora


Body Ascending stem, often woody at the base
Height Up to 100 cm
Leaves Relatively large leaves, up to 21 by 10 cm, smooth green
Flowers Often in pairs, receptacle dark purplish and diamond shaped, 1,5 cm by 0,5 cm, appendages 4-14, length of the appendages up to 10 cm long
Reproduction unknown, cuttings are possible and viable
Area In Nigeria, Cameroun, Gabon, Zaire and Congo;
In high forest or riverine forest, in most places;
At altitudes up to 700 m.
Taxonomical details D. mannii Hooker f. var . mannii. D. intermedia Engler (1898); D. ophiocoma K. Schumann & Engler (1894); D. ophiocoma var. longipes Engler (1898); D. ophiocoma var. minor Rendle (1916); D. vermoesenii De Wildeman (1932).

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