Dorstenia lavrani

Section Kosaria

Dorstenia lavrani
Photo courtesy Out Of Africa


Body Stem succulent, Pachycaul body, unbranched, scarring on the sides from fallen off leaves, scarring in a distinct pattern around the stem.
Height Varies, from 3 cm to 40 cm.
Leaves Leaves oblanceolate, undulated sides(fringed).
Flowers solitary, flower stems up to 6 cm long, flowering face round to oval, 1-2,5 cm. Appendages 8-20, up to 2 cm long, green to brownish.
Reproduction Seed, plant is supposedly self fertile, seeds form on the flower surface
Area to follow
Taxonomical details D. lavrani has long been known as D. foetida ssp. "Tab-a-gorge" and has only been recognized as an autonomous species a few years ago.

Dorstenia lavrani, photo courtesy Mark Altenloh


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