Dorstenia kameruniana

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Shrub or subshrub
Body Few or many stiff or weak branches with leafy twigs
Height Usually 0,5-3 m but sometimes up to 6 m
Leaves Longly oval 9-16 cm by 2,5-7 cm
Flowers Often solitary but sometimes more together, whitish, small, 0,3-0,8 cm diameter, no appendages
Reproduction Seed in frutescens
Area The main and central part of the disjunct distribution occupies the central and northern part of Zaire and extends westwards through the Central African Republic to souther Cameroun, southward to Angola (east of Luanda) and eastwards to Uganda. In West Africa the species ranges from Southeast Guinea (region of Mount Nimba)to Southeast Ghana. In East Africa the species is found in some areas in East Tanzania;
In all partial areas in evergreen forest, sometimes in secondary forest, often along streams. In the central part of the species area often in gallery forest;
At altitudes up to ca 1300o m (in Uganda).
Taxonomical details D. kameruniana Engler. Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 20: 142. 1894. Craterogyne kameruniana (Engler) Lanjouw (1935); D. amoena A. Chevalier (1912); Trymatococcus gilletii De Wildeman (1904); T. kamerunianus (Engler) Engler (1898); T. kamerunianus var welwitschii Engler (1898); T. usambarensis Engler (1902).

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