Dorstenia involuta

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Body Branched or unbranched, leafy twigs
Height 0,5-2 m tall
Leaves Obovate to oblanceolate to oblong, occasionally linear, 2-20 x 1-6,5 cm.
Flowers Solitary, flower stem 0,6-2,5 cm long, flower 0,5-1 cm in diameter, 6-8 lobes/appendages. Appendages 0,3-0,6 cm long, linear to spatulate (featherlike) shaped.
Reproduction Seed in infrutescens
Area In Cameroun (near Kribi);
In high forest;
At low altitudes.
Taxonomical details D. involuta Hijman & C.C. Berg, Adansonia, SÚr. 2. 16: 424. 1977.

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