Dorstenia hirta

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Body Rhizome short, stem 2-5 mm thick
Height Up to 80 cm tall
Leaves Oblong to (narrowly) lanceolate to subobovate or even elliptic, 3-25 x 1,5-10 cm
Flowers Sometimes in pairs, green, flowering face pointing upwards, flower stem up to 7 cm long, flowering face 1-3 cm in diameter, margin faintly and irregularly lobed, fringe very narrow, sometimes up to 3 mm broad.
Reproduction Seed
Area In E brazil;
In shade or halfshade, often on sandy soil;
At low altitudes.
Taxonomical details D. hirta Desvaux, Mém. Soc. Linn. Paris 4: 218. 1826. D. erecta Vellozo (1829); D. erecta var. hispida (Hooker) Bureau (1873); D. erecta var. minor (Fischer & Meyer) Bureau (1873); D. erecta var. varroniifolia (Fischer & Meyer) Bureau (1873); D. hispida Hooker (1840), non Peter (1932); D. hispida fo. minor (Fischer & Meyer) Miquel (1853); D. minor Fischer & Meyer (1846); D. varroniifolia Fischer & Meyer (1846).

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