Dorstenia hildebrandtii var schlechteri

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Body Slender , only slightly thickening at the base and often unbranched
Height Up to 70 cm tall
Leafs 10-19 cm long, thin, not succulent, papery and curling inwards when dry
Flowers Flowers green, (sub)orbicular, (quadr)angular to substellate (diamond shaped) with 4-12 appendages up to 2,5 cm long.
Reproduction Seed, self fertile
Area In Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, East Zaire, Burundi, Ruanda and Mozambique (neir Beira);
In forest, woodland and thicket, often along streams, on or among rocks, epiphytic or in ground humus;
At altitudes between ca. 300 and 2100 m.
Taxonomical details D. hildebrandtii var. schlechteri (Engler) Hijman, Fl. Trop. E. Afr., Moraceae: 34, 1989. D. denticulata Peter (1932); D. polyactis Peter (1932); D. quercifolia R.E. Fries (1913); D. schlechteri Engler (1898).

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