Dorstenia gypsophila

Section Kosaria


Body Stem succulent, woody and knotted, well branched. wood part yellowish. Pachycaul.
Height Up to 1,2 m high
Leaves Ovate, shiny dark green succulent leaves with wrinkled sides, turns red and papery when dry
Flowers Stems up to 3 cm long, flowers round to oval, core 1-1,5 cm, red to brown appendages up to 4 cm long, 7-9 per flower
Reproduction Seed, a male and a female plant are needed
Area In Somalia;
In dry vegetation on gypsum hills;
At low altitudes
Taxonomical details Dorstenia gypsophila Lavranos, Cact. Succ, J. (Los Angeles) 44: 257. 1972.

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