Dorstenia gigas

Section Kosaria

Dorstenia gigas flowers
Photo courtesy ktvamp


Body Stem succulent, Pachycaul, base swollen up to 60 cm in diameter, yellow to brown to greyish, green when young. Periderm, older parts flake off. Often densely branched.
Height 1,5-4 m tall
Leaves In spirals, leaves oblanceolate, smooth dark green. Underside of leaves brownish and slightly puberulous.
Flowers Flowers appear before the leaves, in a crown on the top of the branches. Flower stem up to 2,5 mm thick, white to brownisch and puberolous, flowers green to yellowish and oval shaped. 4-8 appendages up to 1 cm long and densely puberulous.
Reproduction Through seed, a male and a female plant are required.
Area On Socotra island;
In crevices and cliffs of limestone or granite hills;
At altitudes up to ca. 1000 m.
Taxonomical details D. gigas Schweinfurth ex Balfour f. Proc. Roy. Soc. Edinb. 12: 95. 1883.

Dorstenia gigas on Socotra island, photo courtesy Jan Vandorpe


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