Dorstenia foetida

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Dorstenia foetida
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Body Stem succulent, Pachycaul body, varies from pear shaped to cigar length, branched or unbranched, some have smooth green bodies, others are greyish and flake when growing
Height Varies, from 3 cm to 40 cm.
Leaves D. foetida has a wide variety in leaves. The width, length, colour and ridges of the leaves vary very much, from smooth green, oval shaped and 3 cm in length to 14 cm long, grey-green and only 2 cm wide.
Flowers D. foetida has a wide variety in flowers. Flowers range from being 0,5 cm in diameter hanging in a crown near the trunk just under the leaves to being 5 cm in diameter whilst mounted on a flower stem of the same length. Also the length of the appendages varies, from thick and even leafy to very thin and up to 4 cm long.
Reproduction Seed, plant is supposedly self fertile, seeds form on the flower surface
Area In Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Yemen, Saoudi Arabia and Oman;
In deciduous and succulent bushland on rock outcrops and on open places;
At altitudes up to 2100 m.
Taxonomical details D. foetida (Forsskal) Schweinfurth, Bull. Herb. Boiss. 4 (App. 2): 120. 1986. Cosaria forskahlii J. Gmelin (1791); D. arabica Hemsley (1899); D. crispa Engler (1898); D. crispa var. lancifolia Rendle (1915); D. crispa var. pachypoda Chiovenda (1916); D. foetida subsp. obovata (A. Richard) Friis (1983); D. foetida var. obovata (A. Richard) Engler (1898); D. obovata A. Richard (1851); D. philipsae Hooker f. (1899); D. radiata Lamarck (1786); Kosaria foetida Forsskal (1775).

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