Dorstenia elata

Section Lecanium
Dorstenia Elata
Photo courtesy Eric in SF


Body Rhizomatous body, stem up to 2 cm thick, green to brown in colour
Height Up to 2 m tall
Leaves Large, smooth green leaves, elliptic to lanceolate to subobovate, papery when dry, 11-35 x 3,5-14 cm.
Flowers Inflorescences green to deep purple, especially around the margins/fringe. No appendages. Flower stem long, up to 25 cm, receptable up to 5 cm wide.
Reproduction Through seed, plant seems to be self fertile.
Area In E Brazil;
In moist and shaded places;
At low altitudes.
Taxonomical details D. Elata Hooker, Ic.Pl., Ser. 1, 3: t. 220. 1840. D. longifolia Moricand (1840); D. plumerifolia Fischer & Meyer (1846); D. sucrei Carauta (1974b).

Dorstenia elata, photo courtesy Eric in SF


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