Dorstenia cuspidata var preussii

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Body Relatively small, sometimes tuberous but often creeping rhizomatous, non-succulent or only slightly succulent.
Height 5-30 cm long
Leaves Elliptic to subobovate or sometimes subobovate, 3-8 x 0,7-4,5 cm.
Flowers Receptacle discoid, triangular or 3-lobed, with two appendages pointing upwards and one downwards, or stellately with 3 or even 4 appendages pointing upward and one downward. Appendages up to 2 cm long.
Reproduction Seed
Area In Senegal, Sierra Leone, Mali, Guinée, Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, Cameroun, Gabon and Ethiopia;
In forest and woodland, often among rocks;
At altitudes up to 900 m.
Taxonomical details D. cuspidata A. Richard var. preussii (Engler) Hijman, Kew Bull. 45: 364. 1990.  D. preussii Schweinfurth ex Engler (1894); D. preussii var latidentata Engler (1914).
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