Dorstenia cuspidata var humblotiana

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Body Tuberous, tuber subglobose or irregularly shaped, 0,5-2 cm in diameter, stem errect or ascending, non-succulent, branched or unbranched.
Height 5-35 cm long
Leaves Lanceolate to elliptic, 3-11 x 1-5 cm, leaf margin denticulate to dentate, puberulous.
Flowers Leaf stems relatively long, up to 6,5 cm. Receptacle broadly turbinate to discoid, stellately 3-4 lobed to triangular. 2-4 appendages up to 4 cm long.
Reproduction Seed
Area In Madagascar;
Mostly in humuson or among rocks, in shade, often along streams
At altitudes up to 1500 m.
Taxonomical details D. cuspidata A. Richard var. humblotiana (Baillon) Leandri, Mém. Inst. Sci. Madag., Sér. B. 1: 33. 1948. D. cuspidata var. antsingiae Leandri (1948); D. cuspidata var. debilis (Baillon) Leandri (1948); D. cuspidata var. humbertii Leandri (1948); D. cuspidata var. longifolia Leandri (1952); D. cuspidata var. orientalis Leandri (1948); D. cuspidata var. suarezensis Leandri (1948); D. debilis Baillon (1895); D. fiherenensis Leandri (1948); D. humblotiana Baillon (1895); D. saxicola Engler (1898).
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