Dorstenia cuspidata var cuspidata

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Dorstenia cuspidata var. cuspidata
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Body Caudiciform with annual stems, caudex up to 7 cm in diameter by 4 cm high.
Height Up to 50 cm high
Leaves (narrowly) elliptic to subobovate or lanceolate to linear, 3-17 x 1-6 cm, smooth green. Stems puberous.
Flowers Triangular to stellar, with 4-8 appendages, occasionally 3, up to 4 cm long.
Reproduction Seed
Area From Senegal to Ethiopia, southwards to Mozambique and Zimbabwe;
In deciduous woodland, often among rocks or in shady places;
At altitudes up to 1400 m.
Taxonomical details D. cuspidata A. Richard var. cuspidata. D. caulescens Schweinfurth ex Engler (1894), non Linnaeus (1753), nec Vellozo (1829); D. gourmaensis A. Chevalier (1912); D. gourmaensis var. floribunda A. Chevalier (1912); D. quarrei De Wildeman & Staner (1932); D. tetractis Peter (1932); D. unyikae Engler (1901); D. walleri Hemsley (1893); D. walleri var. minor Rendle (1916).

Dorstenia cuspidata var cuspidata, photo courtesy Romana Husickova


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