Dorstenia ciliata

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Body Rhizomatous, stem ascending, 2,5-6 mm thick
Height Up to 1 m tall
Leaves Lanceolate to elliptic (to orbicular to obcordate) 10-26 x 3-10,5 cm
Flowers Solitary or in pairs, greenish, flowering stem 1-4 cm long, flowering face 0,8-2,2 cm in diameter, oval to round, 6-15 long appendages1-3 cm long, 2-5 much shorter
Reproduction Seed
Area In NW Cameroun and Gabon (one collection);
In high forest or riverine forest;
At altitudes up to 1800 m.
Taxonomical details D. ciliata Engler in Schlechter, West-afr. Kautschuk Exped. 1899-1900: 286. 1900. nomen: Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 33: 114. 1902, descr., D. asteriscus Engler (1914); D. harmsiana Engler (1902); D. jabassensis Engler (1911a); D. jabassensis var. subcuneata Engler (1911a).

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