Dorstenia choconiana

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Body Rhizomatous, stem 2-5 mm thick
Height Up to 0,5 m tall
Leaves In spirals, oblong to elliptic, subovate to subobovate to sometimes lanceolate, 5-26 x 2,5-8,5 cm. Sometimes lobed to parted and then up to 17,5 cm broad.
Flowers In the leaf axils on minute short-shoots with reduced stipules, green or the margin of the receptacle purple-brown. Flower stem 1-5 cm long, receptacle 1-3,5 cm in diameter, fringe 0,5-3,5 mm broad.
Reproduction Seed
Area In Guatemala to Panama;
In moist forest, often along streams;
At altitudes up to 1800 m.
Taxonomical details D. choconiana S. Watson, Proc. Amer. Acad. 22: 477. 1887. D. choconiana var. integrifolia Donnell Smith  (1888); D. cordata-acuminata Cufodontis (1934)

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