Dorstenia buchananii var longepedunculata

Section Kosaria


Body Tuber / caudex, 1-5 cm in diameter, colour varies from yellowish brown to greenish with seasonal stems growing from it, stems often branched or unbranched, at least with arrested branches with reduced leaves.
Height Up to 90 cm
Leaves Leaves in spirals, at te bottom only small and underdeveloped but higher on normal in size, up to10 cm long and 6 cm wide. Leaves are thin and turn yellow and papery when dry.
Flowers Abstract flowers, flowers solitary, flower stems up to 11 cm long, oval receptable 2 cm by 1 cm, only two appendages, upper appendage up to 14 cm, lower up to 8 cm.
Reproduction Seed
Area In Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi & Zambia;
In deciduous woodland and riverine forest, often in rocky places;
At altitudes op to 1700 m.
Taxonomical details D. buchananii Engler var. longepedunculata Rendle, J. Bot. 53: 302. 1915. D. longepedunculata De Wildeman (1932); D. Ruahensis Engler (1900a).

Dorstenia buchananii var longepedunculata, photo courtesy Panos & Stavros


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