Dorstenia benguellensis

Section Kosaria D. benguellensis courtesy Specks Exotica
Benguellensis courtesy Specks Exotica


Body Tuber / caudex, 1-12 cm in diameter, colour varies from yellowish brown to greenish with seasonal stems growing from it, stems branched or unbranched, at least with arrested branches with reduced leaves.
Height Up to 50-60 cm tall
Leaves Leaves in spirals, at te bottom only small and underdeveloped but higher on normal in size, up to15 cm long and 4,5 cm wide. Leaves are thin and turn yellow and papery when dry.
Flowers Flowers come in many variations. The flower colour, shape as well as the number of appendages may vary.
Reproduction through seed.
Area From Cameroun to Suda, southwards to Angola, Zimbabwe and Mozambique;
In woodland, wooded and open grassland, often local water catchments (near rivers), often among rocks;
At altitudes up to ca. 2500 m.
Taxonomical details D. Benguellensis Welwitsch, Trans. Linn. Soc. London 27: 71. 1869. D. achtenii De Wildeman (1932); D. achtenii var. laxiflora Hauman (1948a); D. benguellensis var. capillaris Hauman (1948a); D. campanulata Hauman (1948a); D. debeerstii De Wildeman & T. Durand (1900); D. debeerstii var. multibracteata (R.E. Fries) Rendle (1916); D. hockii De Wildeman (1911); D. homblei De Wildeman (1914); D. katangensis De Wildeman (1913); D. katubensis De Wildeman (1932); D. lactifera De Wildeman (1932); D. wildbraediana Peter (1932); D. mirabilis R.E. Fries (1913); D. poggei Engler (1894); D. poggei var. meyeri-johannis Engler(1914); D. rhodesiana R.E. Fries (1913); D. rosenii R.E. Fries (1913); D. rosenii var. multibracteata R.E. Fries (1913); D. sessilis R.E. Fries (1913); D. stenophylla R.E. Fries (1913); D. stipitata De Wildeman (1932); D. verdickii De wildeman & T. Durand (1901); D. verdickii var. scaberrima Hauman (1948a); D. wellmannii Engler (1911a).

Benguellensis courtesy Specks Exotica


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