Dorstenia barteri var. multiradiata

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Body Rhizomatous, stem errect, sometimes branched, woody towards the base
Height Up to 90 cm tall
Leaves Relatively large leaves, up tp 22 x 9 cm. Lanceolate to elliptic, broadest mostly above, sometimes in or below the middle, often narrowed below the middle.
Flowers Greenish to yellowish flowers, flower stem 2-5 cm long, flowering face angular to irregularly stellate. 12-20 appendages up to 4 cm long.
Reproduction Unknown
Area In SE Nigeria, Cameroun and Gabon;
In forest, along streams;
At low altitudes.
Taxonomical details D. barteri Bureau var. multiradiata (Engler) Hijman & C.C. Berg, Adansonia, SÚr. 2, 16: 4341977. D. multiradiata Engler (1898).

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