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Dorstenia barnimiana var tropaeofolia

Section Acauloma
Dorstenia barnimiana var tropaeolifolia
Photo courtesy Mark Altenloh


Body Tuberous, oval to pear shaped
Height Lenght of leaf stems can be up to 12 cm
Leafs Broad, shiny green round to slightly oval succulent leaf
Flowers Stem up to 14 cm,  bottom part wide up to 4 cm and thinning out to the top.  Flowers vary in the number of appendages (fingers) on the sides, which vary between 2-14.
Reproduction Unknown
Area From Cameroun to Somalia, southwards to Uganda and Kenya;
In wooden and open (often recently burned or grazed) grassland, often on shallow soils overlying rock;
At altitudes up to 2200 m.
Taxonomical details D. barnimiana Schweinfurth var, tropaeolifolia (Schweinfurth) Rendle in Prain (Fl. Trop. Afr. 6: 71. 1816). D. peltata Engler (1911a), non Sprengel (1822), nec Fischer & Meyer (1846); D. tropaeolifolia (Schweinfurth) Bureau (1873); Kosaria tropaeolifolia Schweinfurth (1868).

Dorstenia Tropaeolifolia, photo courtesy Mark Altenloh


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