Dorstenia africana

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Body Shrub with spreading or arching branches, leafy twigs
Height Up to 2,5 m tall
Leaves Long oval, 11-25 cm long by 2,5-7 cm wide
Flowers Mostly 2 or more together, bright yellow, small, only 0,3-0,7 cm in diameter. No appendages
Reproduction Seed through infrutescens
Area From Southeast Nigeria, Cameroun and Gabon;
I n rain forest, sometimes in secondary forest, often along streams, locally frequent;
At altitudes up to 850 m.
Taxonomical details D. africana (Baillon) C.C. Berg, Adansonia, SÚr. 2, 16: 422. 1977. Craterogyne africana (Baillon) Lanjouw (1935); Trymatococcus africanus Baillon (1875); T. conrauanus Engler (1902).

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