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Welcome to, the online Dorstenia encyclopedia.

This site is still heavily under construction!

Dorstenia is a genus of plant belonging to the family Moraceae, and is therefor related to the fig as well as the ficus, a common house plant. Dorstenia's are a tropical plant species and can be divided into succulent and non-succulent species. They have a great variety in remarkable flowers, though as they tend to be green are easily overlooked.

As there was so few information about these plants on the internet I decided to build this site for all who have need of it with giving their plant(s) the correct name.

From here there are the following options:

  • See the whole list with all names
  • Search in the succulent or non-succulent species (under construction)
  • Search by section (under construction)

Under the button "undetermined species" are pictures of plants that are undetermined. Please feel free to let me know the correct name of the plant if you recognize any.

Additional information as well as good clear images of species of which I have no or poor photographs of are always welcome. Please leave a message through the feedback form and I will contact you.


Dorstenia ellenbeckiana flower

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